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Speaking Your Truth Could Save Your Life


Millions of people lived trapped in the fear of being  unable to speak their truth. Lynn Everard was one of them. But not any more. He uses his own story to inspire others to break free and step into empowerment. 

Change Your Stories, Change Your Life


We are all storytellers and most of the stories we tell ourselves give power to our limitations. In this powerful talk, Lynn shows us how to discover our negative stories and choose ones that support us in our lives.

Are You Ready to Live an Authentic Life?


Lynn shows us how ending the game of hide, defend and deflect frees us to fully be ourselves and live from a place of curiosity, choice and power. This improves all our relationships in life. 

How to Speak Your Truth One-Day Workshop

This workshop goes deep into why we don't speak our truth, creates a powerful space letting go of our shame and guilt and gently guides the student to practice speaking their truth in safe but highly effective experiences..

Change Your Stories, Change Your Life One-Day Workshop

Most of us live our lives based on the negative stories we constantly make up but which we are completely unaware. .This workshop creates a new awareness and instills practices that help us consciously create positive stories that serve our highest good.

Are You Ready to Live an Authentic Life One-Day Workshop

Hiding our truth in everyday life makes living a real challenge. In this workshop we help participants see the damage that hiding our truth creates. We then create new practices that support being in integrity with ourselves and with others. It is truly is possible to honor ourselves without dishonoring others..