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The Author's Journey

Writing a book is a journey of discovery for the author. At the same time, aspiring authors need to understand the competitive nature of the book world. As a  author coach with publishing experience my goal is to help authors produce a high quality manuscript that is ready for the copy editor. For an author to be successful in getting their book published there must be a commitment to writing the best book possible.  

As a publisher I learned first hand that many people who desire to write their story are not proficient at writing. My goal as a publisher was to help people get their books published. But for anyone to need a publisher they first need to produce a solid manuscript. That realization led me to exit the publishing world to focus on getting would be writers to the next logical step which is writing and writing well so that what they write can actually be published. If any of the below describe you and your goal is to write a book I suggest that you give me a call.

  • You are a new writer with a story to tell.
  • You want to write but English is not your first language.
  • You have a powerful story to tell but you are not a writer.
  • You are a coach or consultant with expertise in your field but writing is not your strong suit.
  • You are a speaker with a library filled with Powerpoints but have no idea of how to create a book from that.
  • You are a blogger with a large collection of blogs and want to create a book from that but don’t know where to start.



Author coaching services


Traditional Author Coaching

As a writing coach I assist my clients in developing the idea for their book, identifying their target audience, creating a structure for the book, performing developmental editing and keeping them on track toward a mutually agreed upon completion date. The result is a manuscript that is ready to be sent to a copy editor, which is the next step in the process. 


Transformational Author Coaching

Writing a book is at the very least a journey of discovery. As a transformational author coach, I provide all of the services included in traditional author coaching, but I also guide the client in being open to what their writing experience is bringing to the surface for them. I assist them in processing and learning from the memories, emotions, new ideas, self-judgments and limiting beliefs that impact not only their writing but their lives. By creating a safe space for my clients to address the things that show up during the writing process I support them by not only guiding them in producing an effective manuscript but also in experiencing personal transformation.  I guide them in the details of the creation of their story and in opening the possibility that their writing journey can also be a source of personal transformation, preparing them to not only bring forth their message to the world but being able to embody that message within themselves. 


Services and Pricing

Please note that author coaching services are focused primarily on authors who have chosen or will choose self-publishing or a form of supported self-publishing to publish their books. For that reason, I do not offer services related to selecting an agent or creating query letters. For those who have not yet made their publishing option choice, I offer a one-hour phone Publishing Overview for a one-time fee of $100.00.

Getting Started: Book Planning Session

Each client journey begins with a two-hour book planning session. This session includes the following components.

1. Overview of the Writing Process

2. Review of the book concept, target audience, writer perspective and point of view, writing styles, personal story and structuring of the book. The result is a framework to write into.

3. Overview of the Publishing Process including publishing options and pitfalls to avoid.

4. Overview of the Book Marketing Process. The minute you write your first word you are an author and it is never too soon to start marketing your work. Please note that I do not provide book marketing services, but I can connect my clients with people and companies who can assist them in that area.

This can be done via phone or Skype. The fee is $195.00. If you choose to become an Author Coaching Client this amount will be credited toward your first month service package fee. One of the outcomes of this session is reaching agreement over how long the book will be and how long the writing process is expected to take. That will determine the number of months the coaching services are expected to require.

Traditional Author Coaching Service Package

Bi-Weekly Individual Coaching Calls

For the duration of the process we will have a one-hour coaching call every two weeks. During this call we will review your progress against the plan we created in the Book Planning Session as well as discuss any challenges you may be facing along the way. You will receive guidance, support and encouragement through your writing journey.

Developmental Editing

Based on how long we planned for the writing of your book I will perform developmental editing of your chapters as they are completed. This means that I will be reading what you have been producing. Some of the things I will be looking for in your work include:

§ Concept development

§ Clarity

§ Consistency

§ Tone

§ Flow

§ Level of potential connection with your target audience. 

Each developmental edit is likely to result in some suggested rework which will need to be completed before any new content or chapters are created. If you are interested in improving your writing ability beyond revisions, these calls can also include instruction on specific writing skills. This may also be where I suggest the addition of new topics or chapters to round out what you are presenting to the reader.

Joint Final Review 

When your manuscript is complete it will be ready to go to a copy or line editor, a service I do not provide for my author coaching clients. Once it comes back from the editor, additional work may need to be done including a final review. I can assist you in this final stage through a joint final review together. Offered at $100.00 per hour.

Please call for pricing.

Transformational Author Coaching Menu of Services

Transformational Author Coaching includes everything in Traditional Author Coaching plus:

Journaling Your Writing Experience

You will be asked to keep a journal of your writing experience focusing on memories, feelings and emotions that surface as you write your book.

Alternating Bi-Weekly Transformational Coaching Calls

In these calls we will review the emotions, judgments (about yourself and others), perspectives, stories and limiting beliefs that are showing up for you in your writing process.

Please call for pricing.

additional services

Book Editing

If your goal is an outstanding book, you will need an experienced and competent editor. I edit non fiction books that educate and inpsire.. In my editing process I connect deeply with the author's story and strive to maintain their unique voice while making their book more readable.




“Lynn has a true passion and gift for what he does. He really treated my project with incredible attention and service. He even completed his work well before our agreed upon deadline. Lynn is a true professional and I highly recommend him.” - -Michael DeSanti , Transformational Trainer, Life Coach and Author of New Man Emerging