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We have thousands of thoughts every day and we have a variety of life experiences. And all of it is neutral until we assign a judgment to it. it is easy to see how we would assign a negative judgment to what most people would consider a traumatic experience. But our thinking system could just as easily interpret the experience as being traumatic to us even if factually it was not. That simple interpretation then becomes the basis for a story we make up but tell ourselves is the absolute truth. That story can then color everything we see or think and essentially run our lives. 

The Change Your Stories, Change Your Life process gently guides clients to an awareness of their stories and their connection to their experiences. This then opens a space to create new stories that better support the client's desires for their life. When our story changes, so can our lives.

All services are provided in an active listening, judgment-free approach via phone or Skype.

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I write this review out of gratitude for the skill Lynn has as a coach. I have gone through some challenging times over the past year. Lynn has a composure that is peaceful and safe which gave me the ability to open up fully and deal with the issue I was facing. By being a great listener, he steered me in a positive direction to step through what was blocking me and gave me support to move forward. I would highly recommend him as a life coach. 

-E.G, Florida.


Working with Lynn was like having an angel whisper softly in my ear, providing me with wisdom, clarity and insight in the midst of chaos. Lynn has such a gentle, yet powerful approach to his coaching, similar to a light rain. It was light enough that I didn't feel the need for an umbrella, and so powerful that by the end of the session, I didn't realize that I was knee deep in water! With Lynn's coaching, you will know that you are loved and cared for, and you will enter a space of gratitude and appreciation. Most of all, you will reclaim your power in your life. I am eternally grateful for the gift Lynn is in my life and I would recommend his coaching to anybody.  

-N.B., New York


Working with Lynn has been very special. His ability to discern any situation and re-frame it as needed and within the context of the direction of my growth and highest calling has been truly priceless in so many ways. Most of the time, it feels to me the dialog is guided by spirit as if he is channeling directly all that I need to hear and act upon. I sincerely recommend Lynn's coaching, guidance and services to anyone that desires a life that is more fulfilling, peaceful and happy..

-M.J., Florida


I have had the privilege of working with Lynn on my “stories” and limiting beliefs. He insight as to what drove my patterns of behavior was profound. We dug deep into the stories relating to relationship and success. The shift for me was in how I am able to make conscious choices in each moment to create the world I am living into. He is gracious and generous with sharing his wisdom and time. I am honored to work with him. 

-J.F, Florida.


I have known Lynn Everard for over forty years and I heartily recommend his services as a life coach. He himself has overcome some seemingly insurmountable obstacles and knows first-hand how to turn a difficult past around so one can move forward in life with purpose. He is very empathetic and insightful and is able to clarify many confusing and troubling circumstances. 

-M.K, PhD, Illinois.