Have Your Ever Said Yes When You Really Wanted To Say No?

Have Your Ever Said Yes When You Really Wanted To Say No?

Have Your Ever Said Yes When You Really Wanted To Say No?Have Your Ever Said Yes When You Really Wanted To Say No?Have Your Ever Said Yes When You Really Wanted To Say No?

If so, you may suffer from being unable to speak your truth.

when we cannot speak our truth we suffer


How Well Do You Speak Your Truth?

If you struggle to speak your truth, you are not alone. Many of us struggle with speaking our truth but we often refer to it in other ways or we make up excuses about why it is okay. But eventually that can create deep resentment. Take the Test on the left and see how you are doing at speaking your truth.


personal coaching is now available

Additional Information

I am excited to announce that on Wednesday March 18, 2020 I am launching the How To Speak Your Truth Personal Coaching Program. To help kick it off, yesterday I recorded an interview that will be on Spiritually Raw on bbsradio tomorrow afternoon at 2pm EDT that includes a commercial for the new program. bbsradio and its affiliates reach millions of people in 36 countries.

Learning how to speak your truth as a way of life requires a combination of content, awareness training and daily practice.

The program runs for six weeks. The regular price for this program is $599.00 but for the first ten clients to sign up the price is $399.00. When the spots are gone they are gone.

Here is how the program works. We work over phone, Skype or Zoom so you can keep your social distancing commitments in place. There are five one-on-one calls with me over the six week period. 

Call #1 is a 30 minute assessment call. 

Call #2 is a 90 minute implementation call. 

Call #3 and #4 are 30 minute follow up calls to measure your progress and offer coaching. 

Call #5 is an integration call. 

Our focus throughout the process is on providing targeted content, helping you develop your awareness of when and how you speak your truth and helping you create your daily practice of speaking your truth so you can enjoy true freedom, authenticity and choice in your life.

I only work with six clients at any given time. So, if speaking your truth is a challenge for you and you are going to be spending a lot more time over the next few weeks or months with people with whom speaking your truth is especially difficult, you might wish to consider this program.

If you think this program might be for you please type Yes in the comments or send me a DM!

And remember: Freedom starts when you make the commitment to learn how to speak your truth! 


To Get Started

To start on your path to personal freedom send an email to leverard@lynneverard.com with the word YES in the subject line. Once the first six spots are filled it will be at least six weeks before the next client has access to this one-on-one coaching program..


my new book Is available now on amazon

Isn't It Time To Learn To Speak Your Truth?


If you answered yes to the above question, no one needs to tell you how going along to get along has impacted your life. Perhaps it has left you feeling powerless and fearful of rejection, criticism or even abandonment. As a product of incest and as the secret his family dared not tell, Lynn Everard spent much of his life unable to speak his own truth. Yet the often-painful events in his life put him on a collision course with awakening to his own gifts, finding the power to live a life sourced in his own truth and realizing his destiny to help others do the same. 

In How Speaking Your Truth Could Save Your Life and How It Saved Mine, Lynn shares how to speak one’s truth while using his own story to illustrate the vital principles that open the door to living an authentic, vulnerable and transparent life.

Lynn Everard is an author, speaker and life coach who guides people in discovering and embracing their true selves and inviting them to walk freely into a future with greater self-confidence and limitless possibilities. He also helps people discover their hidden stories and limiting beliefs. Once discovered these stories can be rewritten so that people can live their best lives. 

Order the book at   https://www.amazon.com/Speaking-Your-Truth-Could-Save/dp/0999173944/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Lynn+Everard&qid=1569841715&s=books&sr=1-1 




Are You Ready?

 In my book and in my life I speak my truth and experience freedom, peace and joy. And I can teach you how to speak your truth. Private coaching sessions are available via Skype or phone. to schedule your session, send an email to leverard@lynneverard.com.



I'm Here For You

Imagine what your life will be like when you are free to speak your truth without needing anyone's permission to do so. Think of the power that will create in your life!. 


Professionalism and Experience

With over 40 years of writing experience and decades of providing support and encouragement to scores of people, It is my great honor and privilege to help you speak your truth in your way including writing a powerful book and discover the stories in your own life that are holding you back so you can transform them into a life that is filled with vitality and enthusiasm.


Supportive Journey

Being able to speak your truth creates powerful self-confidence which leads to freedom, then choice and then the knowing that you can finally believe in possibility because you can actually choose it. If this is a path you would like to walk, I would be honored to serve as your guide.