How to Enable and Disable Rounded New Chrome UI

Here's how you can enable or disable the new rounded Google Chrome UI, which brings rounded corners in tabs, buttons.1 min

The recent Google Chrome update brings a rounded feel (2023 UI refresh) to the entire user interface. This new addition to the material design included the tab corners, right-click context menu, bookmark menu and almost all the places.

Here’s how it looks.

New Chrome Ui refresh 2023
New Chrome Ui refresh 2023

Many users are not happy with this design. There are some issues with the new UI as well such as INSPECT not working, the context menu not getting mouse-over response, etc. Although it is a matter of choice and liking, but you can easily disable or enable it via flags.

Here’s how.

Disable rounded Chrome UI (2023 refresh)

  1. Open this from the address bar: chrome://flags
  2. Search for “refresh”
  3. You should see two options at the top: Chrome Refresh 2023 and Chrome WebUI Refresh 2023
  4. Choose “Disable” from the drop down.
  5. Restart the browser.

Now you should be back to the Chrome’s earlier UI with flat looks. If you want to revert back to rounded design, enable the flags and restart again.

Disable the flags
Disable the flags
After revert back
After revert back



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