DAT Linux:  Perfect Linux Distro for Data Science

DAT Linux Perfect Linux Distro for Data Science

DAT Linux brings a vast, pre-installed, pre-configured set of tools and programs with its native tools to assist data scientists, students, teachers and hobbyists


Core of DAT Linux

At its core, DAT Linux is based on Lubuntu 22.04 LTS. The choice of Lubuntu with LXQt desktop is interesting, considering KDE Plasma or Xfce for a traditional desktop look.


Traditional Desktop

The beauty of a traditional icon and menu-based desktop environment is its usability and time-tested approach. Moreover, you care less about desktop themes and looks when working on serious data science projects.

Almost there! You are more than halfway through.


50+ Data Science Apps

The application list is spread across dynamic programming languages, Python libraries, Business Intelligence reporting tools, scientific graph plotters and many more.


DAT Linux Control Panel

A grid-based app launcher for the data science apps classified by functionalities in separate tabs.

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