Top 5 Beautiful Arch Linux Distributions

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In this article, I will explore the beautiful Arch Linux distros that combine the elegance of design with the robustness of Arch Linux’s underlying framework.

Arch Linux offers a rolling release model, a powerful pacman package manager and thousands of applications via its repositories. It is popular because it allows you to create customized Linux distributions with a DIY approach. One of the advantages of this is the availability of various community-driven distros that provide pre-configured setups with visually appealing interfaces.

There are few community-driven distributions of Arch Linux which offer a pre-configured and customized desktop. We will look at some of them in this article. The primary focus of review for these distros would be their looks only.

Top Beautiful Arch Linux Distros

Let’s explore some of the top beautiful Arch Linux distros that combine aesthetics with the power of Arch Linux’s base:


XeroLinux offers a visually stunning interface with a sleek design. It comes pre-configured with KDE Plasma desktop environment, providing a clutter-free workspace. Based on Arch Linux, this distro is mainly for those who like eye-candy desktops with the latest packages+KDE Plasma but do not want to re-configure the Plasma desktop. XeroLinux primarily uses a pre-configured Latte dock with Kvantum to give the desktop a distinct look.

XeroLinux Desktop
XeroLinux Desktop

By default, it uses the Catppuccin theme, an open-source theme that aims to be the middle ground between high and low-contrast themes. Catppuccin theme brings four soothing warm palettes for the KDE Plasma desktop for all use cases such as coding, casual browsing or studying.

The Plasma desktop is configured using the following default components:

  • Application style: Lightly
  • Plasma style: Scratchy
  • Icons: Tela circle drakula dark
  • Cursors: Catppuccin mocha dark
  • Window decorations: Lightly

In addition to the above, the Global menu for applications in the KDE Plasma’s top bar and the terminal transparency adds much-needed visual uplift out of the box.

Transparent Terminal and Global Menu
Transparent Terminal and Global Menu

You can learn more about XeroLinux in my special review, which explains the performances, apps and other aspects. And you can download XeroLinux using the below link.

Mabox Linux

If you are a fan of window Manager and want a stunning Arch Linux distribution, try Mabox Linux. Mabox Linux focuses on simplicity and elegance. It’s a Manjaro Linux spin with the Openbox window manager as main environment. OpenBox’s intuitive interface and visually appealing themes create a seamless, immersive computing experience.

Mabox Linux
Mabox Linux

The default look includes tint2 panel at the top, which has two parts. A few Conky items give much-needed information on the desktop. The right-click menu gives you access to all the applications and settings on the desktop.

To customize further, Mabox provides its own control centre, giving you one point to customize OpenBox, Concky, panel and everything.

Openbox configuration with Mabox Control Center
Openbox configuration with Mabox Control Center

With a user-friendly installation process and a curated selection of software, Mabox Linux is an excellent choice for those who want a stunning Arch Linux with a window manager offering.

You can learn more about Mabox Linux in my review here. And you can download it using the following page.

Crystal Linux

The next distro in this list is Crystal Linux, a newly launched distribution. Crystal Linux features a customized GNOME desktop, “Onyx”, as default, with options for GNOME, KDE Plasma, Xfce and i3 window manager.

Crystal Linux desktop
Crystal Linux desktop

The primary reason I have included it in this list is that it’s one of the unique distributions which gives you a clean GNOME look with Arch Linux at the backend. Customization-wise, you get the basic Adwaita GNOME theme, stunning wallpaper, bottom fixed dock and GNOME quick settings.

However, the clean GNOME desktop is indeed beautiful, and you may customize it further. There are other advantages of Crystal Linux, such as “Amethyst” AUR helper, pacman wrapper, Wayland support and many more.

Desktop env selection while installing Crystal Linux
Desktop env selection while installing Crystal Linux

You can download Crystal Linux from the below page.

Archcraft OS

Archcraft OS is yet another beautiful Arch Linux based on Openbox and bspwm window manager. It aims to provide a “pure” Arch Linux experience with stunning looks.

The user interface of Archcraft OS is aesthetically pleasing, featuring pre-installed Openbox themes and attractive wallpapers. It offers convenient configuration options for Openbox through pre-installed settings managers. The default window manager theme, combined with the wallpaper, creates an appealing visual experience.

Archcraft OS
Archcraft OS

The default panel in Archcraft OS includes essential components such as the workspace list, clock and date display, volume control, power options, CPU, memory, and disk usage indicators. The panel maintains a clean and visually pleasing appearance.

Archcraft OS comes with a variety of pre-loaded Openbox themes and styles, offering a combination of light and dark options. These styles include Beach, Forest, Grid, Manhattan, Slime, Spark, and Wave.

It is one of the best-looking pre-configured Arch Linux-based distributions. You can download it from the below page.

Exodia OS

Exodia OS is a specialized version of the Arch-based Linux distribution that has been tailored specifically for cybersecurity professionals. Even if you’re not deeply involved in cybersecurity, you’ll appreciate Exodia OS for its visually appealing interface and user-friendly tools.

Exodia OS
Exodia OS

Exodia OS comes with BSPWM, a tiling window manager, and offers 20 customized themes to enhance the visual experience.

Here are some key benefits of Exodia OS:

  • It comes with preinstalled cybersecurity tools for all aspects of cybersecurity.
  • There are currently three editions available: Home, Predator, and Wireless.
  • Two window managers, BSPWM and DWM, are currently supported, with more desktop environments and window managers planned for future updates.

You can download Exodia OS from the below page.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the above-listed top beautiful Arch Linux distros combine the power of Arch Linux with visually appealing interfaces, providing users with a personalized and aesthetically pleasing computing experience. This is a mixed list considering all popular desktop environments and window managers.

These distros offer customizability, stability, and lightweight performance. I hope you get to choose a stunning Arch Linux for your own taste.


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